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Updated on June 12, 2020: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING DONATIONS. 

Our foundation will dissolve within the next few weeks. Our websites (,, and will close within the next month.


Cancer is Preventable and Curable!

Cancer Cure

The number of new cases (for a handful of cancers) decreased over the last three decades due to better diets and exercise, improved screening and treatments, and decreased exposure to environmental cancer-causing toxins. Conventional methods – including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy – are gradually improving outcomes for some cancer patients, but not most cancer patients. Also, some of these conventional treatments may involve painful or disabling side-effects, and can be extremely expensive, even for patients with medical insurance.

Cancer Prevention

One bright spot is the prevention of cancer. Studies conducted over the past fifteen years confirm what many “alternative” medical doctors and scientists have taught for nearly forty years – that inflammation lies behind chronic diseases – including cancer.

Genetics and Lifestyle

Genetic markers for certain cancers may help guide treatment or prevention for some patients, but these markers may add little to solving the problem of inflammation. For most of us, genetics is a predisposition only – a tendency toward acquiring disease (such as cancer) when we don’t live a healthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle introduces “risk factors” which increase inflammation, thus initiating a cascade of chemical-biological events that result in chronic problems such as cancer. Fortunately, some of the risk factors for many cancers are known: poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, exposure to toxic chemicals – all of which can make a huge difference in a person’s overall health.

Role of Supplements

Studies show that the correct dose of certain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) obtained from food or supplements prevent (and sometimes stop) cancer. For example, Vitamin D (when supplemented in the right form of oral Vitamin D3, but not the Vitamin D2 shots which most doctors prescribe) at the right dose (which is determined by a blood test) can minimize the risk of developing many (perhaps most) cancers.

Role of Screening

Colonoscopy is an example of cancer screening. By eliminating polyps colonoscopy can prevent many colorectal cancers from forming. Other methods now being developed may help screen for potential colon cancers. In addition, some studies indicate that persons taking certain supplements can minimize the risk of colon cancer.

Advances in Research

Our website will present advanced research that is discovering new cures for cancer. Some cancer scientists seek to improve conventional medical methods, and their early investigations show great potential in eliminating cancers. A number of these methods are novel applications of cancer therapies that go back decades but were either ignored or discounted due to complicated historical and political reasons.

Our Foundation

The Coalition for Advanced Cancer Treatment and Prevention is a Project of The National Fund for Alternative MedicineOur goal is help everyone learn about new research in effective cancer prevention and treatment. We believe that when people are better informed about what cancer is – and isn’t – they will make better choices for themselves and their loved ones.  To accomplish this mission, we depend on the generosity of the public.