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Salicinium® Enhances Immune System’s Ability to Cause Cancer Cells to Kill Themselves

Anthony Chapdelaine, Jr., MD, MSPH, Exec. Dir./Sec.*

Salicinium® is a “phyto-nutraceutical” (glycoaldehyde and related compounds) that enhances the immune system’s ability to cause cancer cells to “self-destruct” (apotosis). Cancer cell death occurs to varying degrees depending on the cancer type. Salicinium® works by several methods, including by increasing the activity of capsases, by decreasing nagalase production (high nagalase levels are typically found in Stage IV cancers and suppress the immune system’s macrophage activity as well the macrophage’s ability to stimulate the NK (natural killer) cell’s tumor-killing activity); by increasing GcMAF activity to increase immunoglobulins (antibodies); and by blocking the glycolytic pathway favored within cancer cells to produce the cell’s energy (instead of the normal oxygen-based method favored by non-cancerous cells).

Salicinium® increased longevity in patients with cancer in a large, multi-site, five-year clinical study (675 patients with Stage IV cancers). About half the patients continued their oncologists’ recommendations for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone therapy throughout the five-year study. All patients received a short course of IV Salicinium® and oral Salicinium® for a year (less than a year if confirmed to be in remission, and more than a year if new or aggressive tumors found). Oral treatment for most patients lasted between 12 and 18 months. Salicinium® enhanced the immune system’s targeting of cancer cells, and caused cancer cells to kill themselves. After five years, 69% of the Stage IV cancer patients had survived. (According to the NIH, the median survival rate for Stage IV cancer patients is 16%.)

Other laboratory and clinical studies confirm the mechanisms of action and effectiveness of Salicinium® in causing cancer cells to kill themselves.

For an in depth discussion see “Salicinium® Treats and Prevents Cancer and Viral Infections” article in the August/September 2019 Townsend Letter at:

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